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Ozone Generator products:
Household water filtration
Ozone Generator
Reverse Osmosis
Ultraviolet Disinfiction
Water Dispenser
Water Filtration
Ozone generators are vastly used where water purification is needed. Because of their phenomenal ability to disinfect water, Ozone generators are used mostly for treating potable water and medical and pharmaceutical purposes.
Watersafe Ozone generators were designed based on the corona discharge principle, with various capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1000 g/h.
Watersafe takes great pride in distributing Ozone generators with features mentioned hereunder:
•Air or water cooled
•Low frequency to extend the life of dielectric and power supply
•High ozone concentration: 3% with air feed and 10% with oxygen feed
•Low power consumption
•Easy maintenance
•Very high level of automation (PLC)
•Interface with existing installations
•Variable output from 10% to 100% of nominal output
•Rugged and reliable
•Skid mounted systems are available
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Capacity:  4.5 GPH
Capacity:  9 GPH
Capacity:  24 GPH
Capacity:  27 GPH
Capacity:  36 GPH
Capacity:  90 GPH
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