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Booster Pumps products:
Household water filtration
Ozone Generator
Reverse Osmosis
Ultraviolet Disinfiction
Water Dispenser
Water Filtration
A booster pump is used to increase inlet pressure for the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane.
Residential RO membranes require a minimum of about 35 PSI to operate efficiently. But it must be considered that increased pressure increases the efficiency of an RO membrane, so a booster pump is well worth looking into. and The result will be much faster production of filtered water and less wastewater.
The Watersafe pumps will run your RO units at an ideal pressure level regardless of the pressure going in. Pressure output is adjustable.It is very quiet and totally automatic. It shuts off automatically when the tank is full.Very easy to install.
In factory every pump that is manufactured is put through a two-phase test procedure.First step is a rigorous leak test. After attaching the pump to the Leak Test Fixture.Operating the pump under these conditions creates internal pressure of over 150psi. After the leak test, every pumps is then tested for performance according to it's specification. At the Performance Test Fixture, each pump is tested for Amp use, flow, and pressure.
Some of other features of watersafe pumps listed hereunder:
Adjustable max. output psi
Expels trapped air
Head up or down mounting position
electronic noise suppression
100% final performance tested
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Capacity:  1.35 GPH
Capacity:  1.38 GPH
Capacity:  1.45 GPH
Capacity:  1.45 GPH
Capacity:  1.45 GPH
Capacity:  1.5 GPH
Capacity:  2.3 GPH
Capacity:  4.5 GPH
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