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Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a widely accepted unique operation for water purification. RO water recoveries of 70-90% are typical and salt rejection rates are between 90-99%. This process will allow the removal of particles as small as ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis is used to purify water and remove salts and other impurities in order to improve the color, taste or properties of the fluid. Reverse osmosis uses a membrane that is semi-permeable, allowing the fluid that is being purified to pass through it, while rejecting the contaminants that remain. Refer to mentioned features and benefits of reverse osmosis, Watersafe expands its activity in field of reverse osmosis to satisfy demands of different customer groups by categorizing its operations in three major categories residential, commercial ,industrial uses. Our commitment to make a improving quality of water for life, lead us to research and develop our activities in this field.

Some of standard features of watersafe reverse osmosis units are listed hereunder:
  • High rejection

  • Low energy consumption

  • Can be integrated with an existing membrane filtration system or ion exchange system to achieve up to 80% rinse water recycle

  • Reduces water and sewer use costs

  • Modular design for ease of installation

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