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The reverse osmosis membrane is a thin layer that does not let certain ions permeate through it. Due to its ability to remove ions from solutions, it is mainly used to remove salt from aqueous solutions.

Before the 1990s, cellulose acetate was used as the membrane material but was replaced by a polyamide compound because of it offered higher salt rejection and lower energy costs.

Because of its ability to remove dissolved ions in a solution without phase inversion, it is used to remove salt and TDS in water.
From converting seawater into fresh water, production of ultra pure water for washing electronic parts and medical and pharmaceutical purposes, use in the food and beverage industries, to recycling of waste water and sewage the applications of RO membranes are truly diverse.

Benefits and Features

High permeate flux
remove chemical contaminants
long life membranes
resistant to biological attack
operable in wide range pressure 20-1000psi
operable from 4 - 45 C
lower operating costs

Membrane Feed Water

sea water
brackish water
well water
surface water

Typical Applications

reverse osmosis
potable water
pure water
process water
food and beverage
chemical processing
recycling of waste water

Price : 108 euro

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