Water has always been an essential natural resource, and today, how we manage water has major implications for business and for our world.

By optimizing the efficiency and performance of water treatment systems and processes, we enable our customers to run more reliably and sustainably, helping their businesses be best-in-class.

Working side-by-side with our customers, we use ingenuity to conquer challenges and expertise to identify opportunities, resulting in higher levels of performance and value.

All while protecting and preserving the world’s most vital resource

Since its 2003 founding, Watersafe Inc has provided custom water, wastewater, process separation, and filtration solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our individualized, project-based approach continues to define our niche in modern industry, motivating us to deliver comprehensive, efficient solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.
At Watersafe, we anticipate the needs of the industry and respond with forward-thinking solutions.
We use physical, chemical, and biological processes, membranes, and ion exchange and leverage our trusted fabricators& and assembling capabilities to design and produce reliable, compact, cost-effective, innovative, and space-efficient water, and wastewater treatment.
Our commitment to offering the best quality customer service is fundamental to the company’s operation. We aim to excel in offering our customers a truly customized solution that optimizes resources and attains breakthrough performance with lower production costs. Our accumulated practical experience and technical knowledge enable us to provide our customers with one-stop tailored solutions for their unique needs and to meet the stringent requirements of the water/waste management industry.
Why Us?
Our competitive strengths well-positions Watersafe to be the preferred Partner of choice for your water needs today & tomorrow with a cleaner and greener future with water and waste water treatment.


At Watersafe, our people make a difference. Our shared values define us as a team and bring our vision within reach. We are committed to:

 Safety and environmental responsibility

We strive to create a healthy, safe,
and environmentally compliant
workplace because we know that
a better quality of life starts with us.


We drive efficiency throughout
the value chain because we prize
our customers’ success as much as our own


We deliver the best solutions
because we take pride in
matching our skills, ingenuity,
and experience to meet
customer objectives.


We strive to exceed expectations because we value our reputation as a trusted, loyal partner.


We complete projects accurately, quickly, and effectively because we take pride in our discipline and performance.


We believe in each other and act as one