Watersafe INC has extensive experience delivering projects under EPC contracts.

All projects are executed under our Quality, Health Safety and Environment (QHSE) System, and we have a range of accreditations and quality assurance processes in place. We have found that our early involvement in the design process greatly increases the rate of project progression, as uncertainties in the feed or final product quality can be addressed early. This also allows an open and trustworthy relationship to be formed early in the project,maintaining communication and building confidence in the solution

Example chart showing the project execution team

Engineering  Technology

Our design team consists of industry professionals who are all experienced in delivering water and wastewater treatment projects. The team covers the full spectrum of engineering disciplines to ensure all deliverables of a project can be completed inhouse. Our typical project team structure is as seen in the image above, with a single point of contact between the client and Watersafe for quick and clear communication and seamless integration.
During a project’s execution, all engineering judgments, decisions, and recommendations are supported by scientific data and calculations. The plant is modeled using Wave or ROSA software. Each discipline is responsible for designing and delivering equipment of its own. In the procurement phase, all purchases will be checked by the engineering team to avoid any faults.


During project execution, the Project Manager and procurement manager are dedicated to procurement and delivery, creating a complete quality management plan at the start of the project. Watersafe has a very strong sourcing network around the world and can deliver each piece of equipment, at the most efficient cost. From China to the USA, Watersafe Inc can supply any equipment that will be needed for the project. This allows competitive costs and quality products to be obtained. All of the items procured for the project will be inspected and tested as part of the quality assurance process. The project manager will be on-site during the construction period to ensure the water treatment plant is correctly installed and any issues that arise can be addressed immediately.

Construction, Commissioning and Operation

Commissioning will usually be ompleted with the design engineers, site personnel, and the construction
team. Training is provided to site personnel at this time, with Watersafe staff working directly with operators to ensure a complete understanding ofthe process, operation, and maintenance. Watersafe Staff will remain on site usually for at least a 30-day performance period, working closely with site operators until they have built up sufficient knowledge to confidently operate the plant on their
Watersafe experts can visit the plant regularly (eg. every 3 months) to ensure plant performance is optimized. If remote access to plant SCADA is available, Watersafe personnel can review plant performance daily and provide direct advice on plant modifications, if necessary, from its head office in Canada. Watersafe can also provide a local representative to be stationed on-site for a period of twelve months, to assist in the operation and ongoing optimization of the plant.