At Watersafe Inc., we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in procurement for water and wastewater treatment projects. Our unwavering  commitment to excellence and innovation extends to  our comprehensive range of equipment solutions. We understand that the backbone of any successful water treatment operation lies in the quality and reliability of its equipment. With a global perspective and an extensive network of suppliers, we have the capacity to deliver a wide  spectrum of equipment tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer, municipality, or industrial facility anywhere in the world, our team is ready to provide you with the highest quality equipment required to ensure the efficient and effective operation of your water and wastewater treatment processes. From cutting-edge technologies to time-tested solutions, we offer a diverse portfolio of equipment that not only meets international standards but also aligns seamlessly with your project goals. Feel free to ask us about how Watersafe Inc. can elevate your water and wastewater treatment solutions to new heights.


Different types of membranes are used for various purposes, including  RO, UF, or NF membranes, which are  the primary categories. Each manufacturing company produces specific models tailored for particular analyses. Watersafe Inc can assist clients in selecting the most suitable RO membrane model, representing the initial step in the design of water treatment solutions.

Pressure Vessels

Selecting pressure vessels should consider both the required operating pressure for membrane efficiency and  the flow characteristics. Watersafe Inc offers a range of pressure vessels, available in 8-inch and 4-inch modules, with pressure ratings spanning from 1150 PSI to 1200 PSI, and we can source these vessels from any manufacturing company based on our clients’ preferences.


Within water and wastewater systems, a diverse array of pumps is available, including centrifugal, high-pressure, and dosing pumps, among others.
The careful selection of pumps, aligned with the chosen membrane models, holds paramount importance. Pump specifications constitute a pivotal factor in determining the flow achievable from the membranes. Hence, judiciously choosing the appropriate pump not only enhances flow but also extends the lifespan of the membranes.


For absolute precision in controlling water and wastewater treatment systems, the strategic use of  a wide array of precision instruments, including pressure gauges, analyzers, and more, is paramount. The judicious selection of these tools isn’t just advantageous; it’s the linchpin for optimizing operational efficiency, prolonging system life, and streamlining costs. At Watersafe Company, we offer an extensive range of these precision instruments, curated from reputable brands. What sets us apart is our commitment to go the extra mile. If needed, we’re here to assist you in hand-picking the exact instruments your project demands, leveraging engineering blueprints and thorough water analysis to ensure seamless procurement that perfectly aligns with your project’s unique requirements.


Valves for filtration systems come in various types  depending on the application. These valves can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, or UPVC, depending on the device’s intended use. Even within the stainless steel category, the quality of stainless steel used can vary for certain devices. Valves are also classified into different types such as butterfly, ball, sampling, and more.