Watersafe is a high tech enterprise specialized in design, manufacturing and development of ceramic membranes.

Our state of art SiC flat sheet membrane is great technology for removal of suspended solid content in the water.

Our ceramic membranes can be used in variety of industrial applications which include oily water separations, alkaline cleaning solution, catalyst recovery, textile, water and waste water.

The flat sheet membrane are submerged in the fluid and a suction pump is taking the filtrated water out.

Watersafe SiC membrane are hydrophilic resulting in high permeate flux. In addition, Watersafe SiC is very fouling resistance.

Watersafe FSM is providing following feature over
1- High flux, high porosity, good hydrophilicity
2- Good chemical resistance, tolerating basic, acid and oxidizing solution
3- High heat resistance,
4- High strength and long life
5- High efficiency of membrane regeneration good flux stability
6- Extremely hard & durable makes it easy to clean

Flatsheet membrane is a used in a submerged filtration system for filtration separation or membrane bioreactor (MBR). The flatsheet membrane is submerged and with help of suction pressure, treated water flow through the membrane layer from the outside to the inside. Small particles are filtered out by the membrane layer. After the particle blockage, biochemical substance is attached to the surface of membrane layer to form a biological filter cake layer, which be acting as membrane bioreactor.

Number of flat sheet membrane in module 34
Active membrane surface 6
Dryweight 36 Kg
Module material PPO/PS GF 30%
Piping material PP
Dimension LxWxH 710x576x160 mm
Module housing material Noryl resin 30% glass fiber reinforced blend of PPE/PS
Avg. distance between ceramic plates 6.7 mm
Max. flow 9 m3/hr
Max negative -0.7 bar
Max positive backwash pressure 1.2 bar
Operating temperature 5-65 °C
Field of application Drinking water / sewage / industrial water